The company was founded in 1909. LAMILUX skylights are installed on many sports and industrial buildings, corrugated glass-fibre plates are used as roofs for sun-lounges and terraces or for visual protection on balconies. After having extended its programme of natural lighting systems with aesthetically attractive glass roofing structures, LAMILUX increasingly more often acts as a partner in projects of complex architectural buildings.

Fibre-reinforced plastics by LAMILUX meet a ready market on a global scale – in particular in manufacturing of trucks, as well as camping trailers and cars. In 2008, LAMILUX invested almost 8 million euro in its new manufacturing shop for production of skylights, and in 2011 it extended its facilities for manufacturing of glass roofing structures and ribbon-type skylights by investing 7 million euro.

LAMILUX received the Product Innovation Award 2012 for its new plastic reinforced by carbon fibre. LAMILUX soon became the first manufacturer of natural lighting systems, which has engineered and successfully presented on the market skylights for energy-passive houses with maximum energy efficiency. In 2013, LAMILUX was included in Best 50 Bavarian companies for the second time.

Our company provides smoke extraction systems EN12101-2, flat-roof windows and natural lighting systems by LAMILUX in Latvia.

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