Stöbich Brandschutz Gmbh was founded in 1978. Being a manufacturer of unique fire protection products, the company has been a leader on European markets for 35 years and is operating in more than 50 countries of the world. All products by STOEBICH are made in Germany.

Many years of experience and competence allow the company to keep up with the times and introduce leading innovations in its manufacturing. Each new development raises the standard of building properties of the system and protection of products. The company owns 134 patents and has presented 11 innovations on the global market. Since 2010 STOEBICH has been on the list of leaders on the German market, but in 2015 the company received the Best Innovator's award.

At present, it is a dynamically developing company having its own production facilities, a scientific research centre and a staff preparation and upskilling centre, as well as having a quality system certified as per ISO 9001, and being the leader of European innovation technologies in fire protection. Almost all known shopping centres, museums and theatres in Latvia and Baltic countries have STOEBICH systems installed.

STOEBICH – invisible fire protection!

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